The Injured Foot Should Always Be Kept In An Elevated Position For The First Two Days.

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In some cases, an X-ray may fail to detect an existing fracture, which can lead to incorrect diagnosis. The dosage of pain killers should be strictly determined by doctors because an overdose might lead to health complications. It is surrounded by talus and the cuneiform bones. In addition to the broken ankle, some individuals may also suffer from an open wound. Related SiteArthritis is a degenerative disease experienced mostly by people above 40 years of age it can also occur in younger adults. The injured foot should always be kept in an elevated position for the first two days. This is a case of systemic infection. The release of histamines leads to the formation of welts that have a pale canter and a red margin. Those of you who wish to know more on how to treat a fractured sternum, can scroll down to get an… Muscle spasms can also affect other parts of the leg, like thigh and calf muscles.

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