Mason Plumlee Has Been Effective Offensively, But The Blazers Have Struggled Defensively This Season.

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Cap wise, Portland wasn’t in a position to commit to extending him a max offer. The team would have had to renounce one of three restricted free agents ( Moe Harkless , Allen Crabbe or Meyers Leonard ), a move Olshey wasn’t inclined to exercise. Because of Howard’s extensive injury history, Portland was willing to do only an experimental short-term pact, but Howard, too, returned home with a deal in place with the Atlanta Hawks for three years and $70 million. the upper-tier big-man market dwindling rapidly in the first few days of free agency, Portland made a grab for Pau Gasol . On this occasion, the team was prepared to renounce a player to free up salary and make a two-year, $32 million offer for him; the educated assumption is that Leonard would have been released. Year 1 of Portland’s proposal would have been fully guaranteed for $16 million, with an extra $4 million paid should they part ways in Year 2. But San Antonio opted instead to call Utah and unloaded Boris Diaw and the 2022 second-round pick for the Jazz’s 2015 second-round selection, Olivier Hanlan . The transaction helped the Spurs clear the space needed to absorb Gasol’s two-year, $31.7 million salary. Once again, state income tax wasn’t in Portland’s favor. Texas has no state tax, making Gasol’s deal with the Spurs worth more than the Blazers’ offer. Mason Plumlee has been effective offensively, but the Blazers have struggled defensively this season. Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports Nearly a week into free agency, Portland was still without a shot-blocking center.

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